Running awesome fundraising tests and experiments

So you’re planning to start running tests for your digital program! That rocks, I’m super excited! Hope this can help:

The Essential How-To Guide

This is an open google doc I helped produce as part of the Blueprints for Change project.

Open the testing guide

This testing guide is constantly reviewed and updated by some of the best in the business.

I recommend this to everyone, whether old or new to experiments and testing. It’s a totally free resource, please feel free to use it and share it around (and contribute yourself!)

The Checklist

I’ve also created an experiment checklist that you can download and physically check off as you’re running your tests. Check it out (downloads as a pdf)

Download the testing checklist

Good luck!


I also want to do a big shoutout to by old workmates Simona and Vince (my tech and data people!) plus my colleagues at Blueprints for Change. Part of testing is about constantly learning, and I’ve learnt so much from you.